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R&D illuminates the nights of "1st European Games" in Baku


Baku (Azerbaijan) – Beautiful days of Sports, "with a capital S", in Baku. The city welcomed athletes, fans and tourists with temporary light events and permanent installations enhancing a city, already wonderful and cosmopolitan.

R&D Lighting products were massively used to illuminate many of the most important permanent installations. We mention just some of the new products in catalogue which were selected, among the others: Quadro C8, Pixel Bar 8, Pixel Par, Classe BS1 E, Classe BS3, Classe LWZ 60 E, Classe LWZ 20, controlled by various REDmx in their maximum expansion.

R&D lighting products were chosen for their good ratio between price and performances and for the effective service provided by the R&D team in pre/during/post installation, confirming that time and service still play a key role in the installation sector. for more information and to get in contact with RED service, marketing and sales teams. to download the detailed product guide specification and service document.

Red Lighting srl, located in Cattolica (Rimini- Italy), is a company of the B&C Speakers Group, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of entertainment. RED develops, designs, manufactures, and sells dynamic lighting fixtures for permanent and temporary entertainment installations, providing its own design, support and both pre- and after-sales service. RED products are distributed in more than 24 countries worldwide.

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