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Q 200 & Q 300


Bagno a Ripoli (Firenze), 7th February 2017 – Italian style for Quadro IP 65 series. These fixtures are unique, versatile and weather-resistant. They are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy to better adapt to the specific requests of lighting designers and architects. Both products share the same design and the robust die-cast aluminium and anti-vandalism body. Accurate finishing, and light, a lot of light.

Q300 uses 9 RGB COBs and 9 reflectors. This mix of technology allows to reach a great quality in mixed colors, from primary to pastel to all shades of white. Projection beam angle 12°, 24° or 38°, typical use from 4 to 23 meters from the subject to be illuminated.

Q200 uses 9 white COBs and 9 hybrid lenses. This technology increases performance and efficiency, it is perfect to obtain a single, long-distance white beam. Just an easy number to remember about luminance: 100 lux at 100 mt in narrow beam.
Beam angle 8°, 24° or 36 °, typical use from 4 to 90 meters from the subject to be illuminated.

Quadro Q200 and Q300 are dmx 512, rdm and bi-directional remote data as standard.
Architectural accessories and customization complete the standard equipment. to request the detailed product guide to visit our website and download the full catalogue

Red Lighting s.r.l., located in Cattolica (Rimini - Italy), is a company of the B&C Speakers Group, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of entertainment. RED develops, designs, manufactures, and sells dynamic lighting fixtures for permanent and temporary entertainment installations, providing design, support and both pre and after sales service. RED products are distributed in more than 24 countries worldwide.

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