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RED LIGHTING celebrates a new entry on its Hybrid class


Firenze (Italy) – H 21R is the new moving head at the top of the Red Lighting range. It is the latest addition to the Hybrid family, Beam-Spot-Wash all in one fixture.
It is an impressive spot light for projecting effects, with 8 interchangeable and indexable rotating gobos, 14 static gobos, rotating prisms and a beautiful animation wheel. H 21R is also an excellent wash light, since it features a zoom system that can hit 40 degrees of maximum aperture and a frost filter as further light diffuser. However the most amazing feature is that the H 21R can also generate a powerful narrow beam of super concentrated light, with a minimum beam angle of only 2 degrees.
Its advanced optical unit and the new 470W Philips Platinum discharge lamp provide a much higher light output than with previous generation 1500W lamps.
The fixture produces a 8000°K output color temperature that does not vary over time, you can also adjust it from 8000°K to 2700°K thanks to a linear CTO filter; the colors cover a broad spectrum, even including pastel shades, thanks to a CMY system and a color wheel with 14 dichroic filters.
Thanks to its wide zoom ranges, H 21R is perfect for every use. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous efficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project. to request any general information. to visit our website and find all news.

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